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    August 13, 2021

    What you need to know about Earthquake preparedness before investing in real estate in Japan

    This section introduces earthquake countermeasures for investing in real estate in Japan and how to RISK HEDGE your real estate investment. Japan is a country with many earthquakes, one of the most common natural disasters. As one of the risks of owning real estate, it is important to take measures against earthquakes. Even in Japan, […]

    What are the taxes and fees on real estate in Japan? Explaining the pattern of purchase, ownership, and sale.

    This article provides an itemized explanation of the taxes and fees involved when foreigners buy, hold, or sell real estate in Japan. In this article, you will learn the following, ・Taxes and fees for acquiring and maintaining real estate in Japan. ・Income taxes on rental income and gains from the sale of real estate. Let’s […]

    Japan’s real estate market on the rise in 2021! What is the yield on income-producing properties?

    The following is a forecast of the Japanese real estate market for the year 2021. It is based on the latest statistical figures as of 2021. We have provided specific figures such as real estate price trends, yields, and price rates compared to the rest of the world to help you consider your purchase. Let’s […]

    6 Point:What’s Important to Remember When Buying Real Estate in Japan

    This article explains six points to keep in mind when buying real estate in Japan for foreigners. In recent years, an increasing number of foreigners have been investing or considering investing in real estate in Japan. The conclusion is that they can, but there are some caveats for foreigners who want to buy Japanese real […]

    Is Japan a good place to invest?(Explanation with Data)

    In this article, I will explain whether Japan is a suitable country for investment. Using various statistical data such as yields, I will even show in detail “what kind of assets are suitable for what kind of people. So, let’s get started. Japanese securities are generally low risk Japanese assets are generally low risk and […]

    How to get started in real estate investing (The 6-Step )

    When it comes time to buy property, it is difficult to know the exact realities of the location, price and other criteria. This article provides a step-by-step guide for foreigners who want to live in Japan, explaining how to start investing in real estate and how to avoid mistakes. We are based in the centre […]

    Can a foreigner buy property in Japan?

    This article explains whether a foreigner can buy a property in Japan. Can a foreigner own a property in their own name? What procedures do I need to follow? Can I be responsible for the management of the property after purchase? These are just some of the questions that will be answered. We have helped […]

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    Permanent residency vs. citizenship (naturalization): Which is better for those who want to live in Japan forever?

    This section explains the differences between permanent residency and naturalization as procedures for semi-permanent residence in Japan. The most significant difference is whether or not you can obtain citizenship as a Japanese citizen. Let’s get started. ✔︎ Talk to a professional about moving to Japan for free! Our company supports people who want to move […]

    The 3-Step : How to move to japan from Malaysia

    This article explains the process of moving from Malaysia to Japan. It is divided into three steps and explained in detail. Please refer to it if you want to know the requirements and arrangements for moving to Japan. Let’s get started. ✔︎ Talk to a professional about moving to Japan for free! Our company supports […]

    Should I move to Japan or Korea? In-depth comparison

    This is a thorough comparison of whether Japan or Korea is the best place for foreigners to move to. We will tell you about the characteristics of the two countries, such as the living environment, national character, and how they deal with foreigners. Let’s get started. ✔︎ Talk to a professional about moving to Japan […]

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